LifeCell Review

Lifecell is one of the popular skin-care and anti-aging products/creams which is developed by South Beach Skincare located in California. It claims to be better and of course, safer than botox which I guess could be called a bold claim because even though botox could be considered dangerous or harmful by some people afraid of injections and needles, it does show results in a quite small period of time such as 1 week or 2 weeks.

Botox injections contain a very small quantity of a toxin called clostridium botulinum which is one of the most poisonous natural substances in the world but in small quantities it’s harmless, isn’t that awesome?

LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream – So how it works?

Well it works by paralyzing the facial muscles which are one of the reasons why wrinkles and lines appear on our faces besides the aging aspect and the lack of collagen as we grow old and we lose hydration of the skin and elasticity.

Despite what many people might think the injection of botox doesn’t use anesthesia nor being in a hospital, it’s quite a short lasting procedure and, like mentioned above, quite efficient. But why go through all that and feel that pain and also waste a lot of money because it is indeed quite expensive, when you can use natural products for skin care that are made for anti-aging and use natural ingredients to offer you only benefits and no side-effects at all.

They have quite bold claims and in the Lifecell product can be found ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, DMAE, Retinol, Deanol, vitamin C and Ubiquinone. Hyaluronic acid is very popular and known ingredient used in many such types of products.
It is a natural chemical already in our body, the most in the eyes and joints. It is a well known wrinkle cream as most of the ingredients used in the product, so it is definitely safe unless you have some type of allergy or something like that, in which case you should contact your medic or dermatologist.

As with any product it is strongly recommended that you contact or seek your medic’s or your dermatologist’s advice before deciding to use it because you never know how the respective product will affect you.

One of their amazing and unbelievable claims is that this amazing cream is able to reduce your wrinkles in 17 minutes. Now that is quite mind blowing and it’s not very likely to be true but many products such as this one have such bold claims to make you buy them, that does not mean it is not efficient.

Also, an interesting fact for those of you that are reading this review, did you know that our eyes cannot actually see the wrinkles or fine lines on our faces? It turns out that what we actually see are the shadows they create, so this cream is supposed to reflect these shadows to make these skin problems less noticeable, it all sounds pretty interesting!

So wait no more and try it out for yourself and enjoy it right now!

Lifecell Testimonials:

“From using this, and from reading the reviews, I’ve concluded that, like many things, it simply works well for some people, doesn’t work well for others. I’ve only been using it for about a month, so this is a limited report, but I can say that it works miracles (on me anyway) as far as getting rid of puffiness, “bags” under my eyes – virtually totally erases them.”  J. maverick

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