Cosima Revival Review

Cosima Revival is designed to make your aging signs disappear. It is a popular and powerful anti-aging skin-care cream designed to be the perfect warrior against the process of aging. It uses L-arginine as one of its main ingredients.

L-arginine is a chemical or amino-acid which is necessary in order for the body to produce proteins. It is found in red meat and fish, also dairy poultry products. While it can be used for heart and blood vessels conditions, pain in the legs, senile dementia it is also used in the skin health department  in order to speed up the healing of wounds.

The L-arginine works by stimulating the production of the human growth hormone which is a hormone that while it is abundant when we are young and still developing, it slows down and decreases in quantity as we grow old. This effect also affects the aging process.

Another one of the ingredients used in the Cosima Revival anti aging cream is the L-ornithine which is an amino acid produced naturally in our bodies. It is used for improving athletic performance or reducing glutamine poisoning, in the treatment of  hepatic encephalopathy and also for increased speed in healing.

The product also contains vitamines B5 and B6 which heal and nourish the skin for creating smooth canvas and work as an anti-inflammatory for irritated skin while improving the tone of the user’s skin.

Usually the most important ingredients in a product such as this one, for skin care, are the ones that influence the production of collagen and excel at doing so. Because the most important chemical that is naturally produced inside our bodies and heavily influences the aspect, visual look of our skin is the collagen.

The problem is that the production of collagen slows down as we grow old that is the reason why these problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, low elasticity and slowed down healing occur. L-Glutamine is an ingredient that stimulated that production of collagen.

The product must be applied to the areas that suffer from wrinkles and such and wait for the skin to suck it in, for the product’s cream to be absorbed and you will be able to see good results from a few weeks to a month or so.
Another positive thing about this product, the Cosima Revival anti-aging cream is the fact that when purchasing it you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product or you find a better one or whatever.

A negative thing about this product is the fact that it is not clinically proven to work so you cannot be sure of the effects it may have on you. Another thing is the price of the product which is a bit expensive for the general user. Another fact is that you cannot buy it from shops and you have to order it online and wait for the shipping for which you’ll probably also have to pay. Some people might see this as a negative thing.

This product seems good because of its claims but as there are no clinical proven facts and not many independent user reviews, it is not safe to say more. Benefit today of Cosima Revival skin therapy!
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